Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for Little Girls

~For Little Girls Only~

As you girls (and guys) may know I was featured in a gift guide for girls this time last year through the Huffington Post blog and it got me to thinking, I'd like to create a gift guide of my own for the Holidays this year!

Below, these are just a few of my gift ideas for girls, and by girls I generally mean ages 8 through 12. Lots of my customers who shop for girls tend to be looking for a gift for a 10 year old girl, but that doesn't exclude younger or older ages either. :)

There's loads more gift ideas for girls in my shop of course! Check them all out at
Oh, and yes, lots of other gift ideas, including jewelry and others are on my Gift ideas for Girls Board on Pinterest. Check out my pins and feel free roc moment below if you have any cool gift ideas for others to check out!

See you next time! Enjoy and Happy Holiday Shopping! ;)


  1. great gifts for the young'uns! very nice work, aziza!

    1. Thanks Alicia! I just love the little ones, so you know I want them to have a Happy Holiday too! :)