Friday, October 9, 2015

New Fall Jewelry at Aziza Jewelry

I'm so happy that Fall is officially here!

Now that I'm back on the east coast (in case you missed my last post I moved to Charleston, SC in August) I get to experience more of the four seasons again and I'm looking forward to a much milder fall and winter than back in my hometown of NYC.

A few things I love about fall are: the crisp cool air during my morning walks, the way the colors of the leaves change and the warmer tones of clothes and jewelry that I can mix into my wardrobe. I also love that its finally boot season!

And just in time for cooler weather, I've recently designed a few new drop style earrings with some warmer and cooler tones blended together.

These colorful lapis lazuli drop earrings with a cascading rainbow of gemstones

These pink jade drop earrings with cascading pink tourmaline

I recently sourced a beautiful new gemstone which organically combines malachite and lapis lazuli and designed these new earrings with smaller faceted lapis and round malachite.

I have also added these warm yellow jade drop earrings in gold with cascading citrine

For a simpler look here are some off white coin pearl earrings with hammered ear wires

My small heart hoops are now available in both sterling silver and gold


And for more hearts, this rose gold and silver mother-daughter heart necklace gift set is brand new and a perfect gift for a new mom

These two styles have been in my shop for a while but I think they are perfect for fall- and there is just 1 pair left of these small ruby hoops and just 1 pair left of the small rainbow hoops with a bright fun mix of multiple gemstones.

And of course there's lots more in my shop so please be sure and stop by and check out what's new for fall over at my online shop.

Also, in case you're shopping for someone who was born this month, tourmaline is one of the birthstones for October. Tourmaline is a favorite gemstone for so many because its available in an array of beautiful colors to choose from.

So, here are a few of my classic pieces (old and new) with tourmaline:

Gold love bracelet with watermelon tourmaline

Pink cherry quartz drop earrings with cascading watermelon tourmaline (a huge favorite in my shop)

A personalized gold name bracelet with pink tourmaline

Happy Fall and happy shopping!