Sunday, February 14, 2016

How To Create The Perfect Valentine's Day in Charleston, SC

Today is Valentine's Day and since I'm new to Charleston, I thought I would comprise a list of things and experiences that would complete this day for me in this new city! Please read on- and enjoy my list for the perfect Valentine's Day in Charleston, South Carolina.

Like many ladies, my perfect Valentine's Day consists of flowers, chocolates, wine and jewelry of course!

1. Flowers from Tiger Lily

They have a huge variety of bouquets available for Valentine's Day and many other occasions, and this pink and red floral combo makes me feel vibrant, energized and just oozes love!

2. Assorted Artisan Chocolates from Christophe Chocolates

Oh. my. gosh. Don't these look like heaven on earth? I could devour all of these delicious nuggets right now! Another thing I love about them is they have a huge assortment of not just chocolates, but pastries as well.

3. Wine from 14 Hands

The Riesling by 14 Hands is my favorite new wine at the moment. It's sweet, fruity, smooth, yet balanced and I can't get enough of it. Its the perfect compliment to a light romantic dinner at home. They also have a really good red blend called Hot to Trot. Let's be honest though, any of their wines are perfectly fine too!

4. Jewelry from Aziza Jewelry

I'll supply the jewelry of course... I love these wine lovers earrings for Valentine's Day because they are made a dark red garnet gemstone, because I love wine and I feel quite classy while wearing them. I would pair these with my classic script Sterling Silver Love Necklace

5. Homecooked dinner

Home cooked meals allow you the time and energy to slow down, eat and enjoy your meal in peace. Take the time by yourself or with someone special connecting at home over your meal, (while slowly sipping on a glass or three of 14 Hands wine) and know there's no need to rush and nowhere else to go but here... home. This is also a very romantic gesture if you're spending it with someone special as a home cooked meal is usually an impressive and thoughtful gift for a man or woman!

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day alone in Charleston or with someone special, I hope you enjoy it and know you are loved, by someone!
Happy Valentine's Day!