Sunday, April 21, 2013

Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Aziza Jewelry

If you're like me then every year it becomes more and more difficult to decide what to get for mom for Mother's Day. In fact, I get so stressed out agonizing over what to get and what to do for her that I usually stew about it for weeks and then I forget and then I don't actually get her anything until so last minute that its the day before...or in a couple of cases the day of... Yikes!

Well this year, I'm glad to say I'm starting a new tactic...planning and shopping early! And I invite you, my lovely customers to do the same. :) Thats why I'm offering a 20% off Coupon to my shop, AzizaJewelry on Etsy, so that you can plan and shop for mom early too! Just enter code: MOTHERSDAY2013 at checkout and save 20%.

Now, on to my promise: personalized gift ideas for mom! Here's just a few ideas below(from my shop of course):

1. Classic Mom's nick name Necklace for mom or grandma. In my family the grandmother is usually called Nana. I've received countless orders for that name necklace and people love them! Mama, mommy and momma are also great versions of this!

2. Show some love! How about a Love Necklace instead? With her favorite color heart, charm or pearl attached?

3. Is she really into spirituality or religion? Sometimes you just need a little faith! Well my new Faith Necklace in sterling silver and watermelon tourmaline is available in a variety of other gemstones and birthstones. Why not get this necklace with her birthstone? (Email me for price and availability first)

Happy Early Mother's Day Shopping! Dont forget, my coupon code above expires in just 2 weeks so order now and save yourself some heartache! :)