Saturday, March 28, 2015

How I'm Inspired by Spring in Santa Barbara

Spring has sprung! And I have to say I feel like its already summer here in Santa Barbara in some ways. Just yesterday it was in the high 90’s and being in the middle of a drought and without air conditioner (my studio window isn't equipped with the space for it) I was in desperate need of cool air and decided to go down to the beach briefly yesterday for a little relief. 

at Butterfly Beach in Montecito

(yes the temp in my car actually read 96 degrees in March!)

One of the reasons I moved to Santa Barbara 2 years ago was so I could be closer to the beach. With that said, I just love my beach trips, so I try to go at least once a week (after all, I'm about a 15 minute drive away)! Being near the ocean, whether its just looking at the waves or being lucky enough to spot dolphins swimming close to the shore or finding that one perfect seashell, I am always inspired when I take a trip to the beach. 

hanging out by the ocean

I love getting surprise visitors like this ladybug

finding Seashells during a beach stroll

Another thing that really inspires me is my garden, watching the flowers blossom, watching the colors of the flowers and fruits change as they bloom and ripen. There’s something about that flow that inspires me and also inspires my work. And then there are the butterflies, birds and other visitors that come stop by my patio regularly. And of course being able to watch both the sunrise and sunset right from my home!

roses and honeysuckle beginning to bloom on my patio

roses, honeysuckle, tomatoes and lettuce are growing and getting some color

the view of the ocean past the orange tree from my patio
another visitor- hummingbirds love stopping by my garden

watching another rich sunset at my home

and watching the sunset at one of my favorite beaches

Lately, inspired by Spring, I’ve been combining brighter colors and smaller more moveable shapes and I hope you will stop by my shop and see whats new. So be sure to stop by if you would like to check out this weekends Flash Sale. I’m offering 25% off everything in my shop this this new multi gem, multi strand necklace, perfect for Spring! Just enter code SPRING at checkout.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Classy Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for 2015

I haven't attended many weddings in my life so when I was invited to attend a relatively new friends wedding last year here in Santa Barbara, CA (which just happens to be a huge wedding destination) and to attend her bridal shower, I was excited and also a bit worried. I had no idea what to get her, not just because we hadn't known each other for very long, but also because I had never attended a bridal shower... so I had no idea what types of gifts were normally given or appropriate. Ah, the pressure!

After a lot of online and in person research, and interviewing (ummm, asking) lots of people, I was able to gather some really great ideas for bridal shower gifts. And because with every new year, Spring seems to be the beginning of wedding season, I thought I would compile a list of trendy yet classy bridal shower gift ideas for anyone who like me, had no idea what to get my friend as a gift before the big day. If you've stumbled upon my list, I hope you find it helpful!

Customized bottles of wine with custom labels. Choose some unique wines and then add personalized wine labels for special occasions so they can celebrate their first milestones as a married couple. So, really, this isn't just for the bride, but a great gift for her to share with the new hubby.

Victoria Secret 'Bride' Hoodie. This one is just for her. A cute lounge type hoodie to be worn during the bachelorette party weekend, for 'the day of' while getting makeup and hair done, or even for the night of the wedding :)

oooh, you can also pair the hoodie with a pair of sexy lace Mrs underwear

love this wifey tank top (cute, classy and very affordable) via ily

the super relaxed comfy version of this shirt in grey

if she's planning to change her last name; a monogrammed clutch with her {new} initials. I absolutely love these classy brightly colored clutches from 'Anything but Plain Jane', in bright blue...

and this pink version...

And if none of these gift ideas appeal to you, there's always Money! There are lots of ways to give the gift of money and I absolutely love this creative money gift of 3 $100 bills folded origami style into the shape of a dress and suit:

So, thats it! I hope you enjoyed my list of classy and modern gift ideas for the bride and groom. Have any ideas of your own? Share them below in the comments section...

til next time,


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Whats new at Aziza Jewelry for 2015

Its officially Spring so here is a sneak peak at whats new in my shop for Spring 2015.

love is forever...

my rose gold forever necklace...

xo earrings- the x is in sterling silver and the o is in gold

initial or letter studs in solid 14k gold

initial studs in sterling silver

abundance is happiness and feeling into the unlimited possibility of the universe. my abundance bracelet in gold and sterling silver

wine lovers earrings in gold with a faceted amethyst as a drop of wine

wine lovers earrings in copper and with a round polished amethyst bead as the grape

There's lots more in my shop so be sure to pop in over at and check out what else is new :)


Thursday, March 19, 2015

4 Easy Tips to Clean Gold Filled Jewelry

Customers often ask me how to clean their gold filled jewelry and the truth is most jewelry designers will recommend you DO NOT actually clean gold filled jewelry since if done incorrectly, you can actually remove the top layers of solid gold, but in this post I will give you some really great tips on how to clean and care for your gold filled jewelry and how to prevent it from tarnishing to begin with.

Prevention is key:
1. Remember the last on first off rule. Put your jewelry on as the last part of your outfit, after all clothes are on and after makeup, perfumes and hair products have been applied. Make sure it is the first thing you remove from your body before taking off all clothes and makeup, etc. This will prevent product buildup.

2. Gold filled jewelry tarnishes or starts to darken once it has been exposed to skin, moisture, air and the elements. In order to prevent this, avoid wearing it in the shower, pool, during workouts, to bed and for extended periods of time.

3. The goal with gold filled jewelry is to prevent air or moisture exposure as much as possible so storing it in an airtight plastic bag when not in use is one of the BEST preventative measures.

4. If you've accumulated oil or product buildup on your jewelry, gently clean it by swishing it in a solution of mild dish soap and cool water, lightly pat dry and perform a light "quick polish" with a soft polishing cloth to restore shine. Avoid polishing with harsh polishing cloths or using a lot of pressure. Use an old soft t-shirt or super soft cloth to remove any remaining dirt and restore shine. And remember to store it in an airtight bag when not in use!

Lastly, Enjoy!

As always, each and every purchase includes care instructions. And airtight plastic bags are available for purchase in my shop here