Friday, November 23, 2012

Top Five Reasons to Shop Online for Black Friday!

Whew, time just flew by this year, didnt it? Can you believe Thanksgiving is over already? I had a lovely time with my family here in NY. And then after dinner, there was talk about the madness of shopping in the malls on Black Friday.  Well, in my opinion I think more people should shop at home for Black Friday.

So here's my list of my top 5 reasons to shop online for Black Friday this year!

1. You can avoid the massively long lines, pushing, fighting, trampling, and general craziness to get the last 40" flat screen tv for 50% off.

2. There's no need to camp outside 1 week in advance in the freezing cold for said 40" flat screen tv for 50% off. Plus in your home, shopping on the computer, its comfortable and most likely nice and warm.

3. Many sites have made it soooo easy for you by offering 1 click shipping and the sales are at times just as good! And, LOTS of sites, like mine offer free gift wrapping!

4. No need to lug around heavy bags and packages while shopping in the mall carrying shopping bags with you from one store to another. (or worse if you live in NYC lugging it around on the subway).

5.No need to drive around in circles looking for a parking spot or worse sitting in traffic for hours on the freeway driving home from the mall, shopping center, etc.

So, if you're looking for some unique, one of a kind gifts and plan to shop from home this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I'm offering Free Shipping in my shop. Just enter code: FRSHP at checkout.
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Cozy with Ice Cream

Thanksgiving is coming up here in the US tomorrow and there is just so much I'm thankful for this year (but that's for another post). With the Holidays approaching, I am usually in charge of making desserts and one of my favorite additions to dessert is of course, ice-cream! So, imagine my excitement when I saw these Oh, So adorable Ice Cream Cozies online from All Things Granny

I almost couldn't (pint size) contain myself!

 This one is the royal blue one and it arrived this Monday in this cute little package...

 And it even came with the cutest little wooden ice cream spatula (a good reminder for me to stick to single size servings :)).

How cool is this- Angela from All Things Granny always offers Free Shipping and this weekend for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday she's even offering an additional 10% off. What a cute little gift this will make for an ice cream lover for the Holidays! But she doesn't just make Ice Cream Cozies, she's got some amazing custom made knits for babies and other gifts too!
Til next time,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for Little Girls

~For Little Girls Only~

As you girls (and guys) may know I was featured in a gift guide for girls this time last year through the Huffington Post blog and it got me to thinking, I'd like to create a gift guide of my own for the Holidays this year!

Below, these are just a few of my gift ideas for girls, and by girls I generally mean ages 8 through 12. Lots of my customers who shop for girls tend to be looking for a gift for a 10 year old girl, but that doesn't exclude younger or older ages either. :)

There's loads more gift ideas for girls in my shop of course! Check them all out at
Oh, and yes, lots of other gift ideas, including jewelry and others are on my Gift ideas for Girls Board on Pinterest. Check out my pins and feel free roc moment below if you have any cool gift ideas for others to check out!

See you next time! Enjoy and Happy Holiday Shopping! ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aziza Jewelry was featured WPIX TV!!

I'm excited to announce that I was recently featured on local TV here in NYC! My first television feature ever. I was so honored to be a part of a truly phenomenal Tri-State area show called "Working Woman Report" which airs on WPIX channel 11. It is a wonderfully inspiring show that is chock full of advice and inspiring entrepreneurial stories for today's self employed working woman.

If you get a moment, check out the clip of my segment that Allison from WPIX channel 11 has posted on her youtube page. Check it out here.

I'd love to know what you think!

p.s. you'll get to see some of my (whacky on camera no rehearsal before the interview) personality, lol :)
p.p.s. as I gear up for the Holiday Season, stay tuned for an extra special announcement in the next few days!
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