Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Working in My Studio

Hi all! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving weekend was full of family, friends, food and being Thankful. Mine sure was. I'm still eating leftovers, believe it or not! My weekend was also full of a birthday party, making jewelry for orders as well as designing some new fun things....soon to be listed in my shop.

While working this weekend, I remembered that I was photographed in my studio just a few months ago, by a friend of mine and while they're on my Facebook Fan Page, I completely forgot to share them here! These are a few shots of me working in my studio, taken by my dear friend and photographer Carrie Crow.

Check out how large the flame from the torch can get! You can really see just how scary making beads and working with glass can sometimes be. Thank god for protective eyewear!

Have a lovely week! Til next time!