Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strawberry Love and Watermelon Tourmaline Jewelry

Summer is almost over- in fact, some of my friends that are school teachers are already back to work and feel like their summer break is basically over. :(    But... here's a bit of good news- there's still time to love your summer with these charming goods...

Yummy Juicy Handmade Glass Bead Strawberry and Sterling Silver Love Necklace on an 18 inch sterling silver box chain.  Mmmm...perfect if you're a strawberry lover or just a lover of cute things.I made the glass bead on my gas torch in my studio in Brooklyn, NY. The sterling silver wire was handformed into the word "Love" and was hung from the sterling silver chain.

My 14k Gold Fill "love" wire bracelet with faceted watermelon tourmaline gemstones. Custom made for your wrist. Fill up with Love.  Personally, I love this bracelet because it literally looks like your wrist has candy on it. Its sparkly and colorful and as an added bonus, energetically speaking: watermelon tourmaline promotes love, healing and power.

Also in stock are these genuine dark red ruby earrings with cascading watermelon tourmaline dropping down. They are intense, and rich since ruby promotes love, vivacity, passion and power, while multi tourmaline promotes love, power and healing.   

Thats all for now...
Enjoy the rest of the summer. :)

With Love,

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