Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keep Chains From Tangling

Oh the agony of trying to detangle a chain necklace! We've all been there right? Well, there's no need to beat yourself up because here is a simple way to prevent this from happening in the future.

Many jewelry wearers such as myself, often face storage and jewelry care problems, specifically, the problem of keeping jewelry chains from tangling! I thought I would address this issue once and for all and post my own personal solution. :)

Life Hack: How to Keep Chains from Tangling:

This method works, not just for my sterling silver and gold name necklaces, but also for ANY kind of fine or delicate chain necklace.

First, avoid storing/keeping your name necklace ,or any other chain necklaces loosely in jewelry boxes or drawers like this:

1. Instead, store chain necklaces lengthwise in an airtight ziploc style bag designed specifically for chains, like this one:

Each necklace purchase from my shop comes with a bag like this. And you can purchase them separately in my shop here.

2. Slowly slip it into the airtight bag by dangling it heavy side down while holding on to the clasp:

3. When the bottom of the necklace is as far down in the bag as it can go, close the top of the ziploc bag right around the clasp making sure that the clasp is slightly sticking out of the closed area:

4. Make sure there is little to no air inside of the bag so that your necklace moves as little as possible while stored inside:

5. If you plan to store it in a jewelry box, jewelry chest or even a jewelry drawer you can carefully fold the bag several times over:

6. And then place your name necklace inside of your jewelry box, drawer or even jewelry travel bag. If you want to see how I store my personal jewelry, you might want to check out this post where you can see pics of the bins I use and how I set up my personal jewelry storage space.

Storing your chain necklaces in an airtight ziploc bag will also prevent them from tarnishing very quickly. All silver will eventually tarnish, even if its 99.9% fine silver, however, storing these necklaces in airtight bags will greatly retard the tarnishing process. Need a few of these bags? They're available for purchase in my shop here

Want to know how to clean and maintain Sterling Silver and Gold Necklaces? 5 Free Easy Jewelry Care Storage Tips can also be found here.

Happy Detangling!

All Jewelry potographed is available for purchase in my shop:


  1. Thank you, this was very helpful. Smart!

  2. mine tangle and get knots while i am wearing them.. can you help?

    1. Your chain may be too delicate for the amount of activity you are doing while wearing them, or your clothing and or hair may be a factor. I would suggest wearing any necklace that tangles less frequently and while doing less activity or exchanging it for a chain with thicker links.

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