Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Neon Jewelry for Summer and J. Crew (this is why neon rocks!)

So, earlier today, I sent out this weeks newsletter, (If you're not already getting my newsletter, and you want to sign up, just click here) where I discussed a few new things going on with Aziza Jewelry, including all of the new neon pieces I just made and added to my shop...

 Hot Pink Jade Briolette Earrings

Neon Yellow Jade Cluster Earrings

...and then I started thinking...what would I wear with any one of these earrings?? And where can I get me some classy trendy neon clothes to match??

Wait, did I really just say classy and neon in the same sentence? lolol. I know, but keep reading...

 ...and its like almost if by magic, the J. Crew Gods heard me and in the mail later today I received this beautifully wrapped neon colored Summer Style Guide from J. Crew with...get this...a $25 Gift Card!! This is just one of the many reasons why I LOVE J. Crew. 

Bonus: The guide was really snazzy and its almost like the J. Crew people are psychic or something, because neon pink and neon yellow are the 2 very colors I have chosen as neon jewelry makes its debut in my shop today.

 I'm thinking my new neon pink jade necklace will go well with these pants! Just perfect in fact! If you have not seen the neon tidbits in my shop yet, you know what to do... Hop on over!

Until next time!

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