Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Easy Silver and Gold Jewelry Care Tips

Caring for your Aziza Jewelry

It's essential to take proper care of your jewelry if you want it to last so I've come up with a new Jewelry Care Instruction Pamphlet and it will now be available with every purchase from my Etsy store. If you've purchased something previously from me, please let me know that you'd like one and I'll gladly email one to you. You can email me at: aziza@azizajewelry.com.

For my blog readers, I've outlined some tips below. This guide is especially for Aziza Jewelry so please keep in mind this method of jewelry care may not work for all other kinds of glass jewelry.

Maintaining clean shiny Aziza Jewelry: It's important to keep the following in mind when wearing and storing your jewelry.

Wearing: Never wear your jewelry in the shower or in the pool. Wearing your jewelry in the shower leaves it susceptible to soap scum residue building on your glass, gemstones, pearls and possibly your silver or gold tarnishing and dulling quicker. Wearing it in the pool or hot tub leaves it susceptible to chemicals and heat which may dis-color your jewelry. Exposing your jewelry to these and other chemicals such as chlorine also leads to quicker wear and tear of your jewelry, making it more brittle and stripping any luster or coating that may have been added as a protectant to your jewelry. Also be mindful not to wear your jewelry while working out, or doing any hard labor as sweating may add unnecessary body oils to your jewelry. Remember to apply all perfumes and lotions before putting your jewelry on.

Storing It: My Aziza Jewelry comes with a plastic ziploc style bag and a small pouch or box. When not in use, store your clean, dry jewelry in the plastic bag and put the plastic bag inside of your pouch or box. This will protect the jewelry from dirt, dust and keep the silver or gold from tarnishing due to being exposed to the outside air. Remember to wipe your jewelry dry after wearing it and before storing it in your plastic bag.

To care for the glass: If your pendant has accrued oil or dust, as it may, over time, simply get a soft cotton cloth, cotton ball or even a Q-Tip for smaller beads (like earrings), and apply some alcohol. Lightly wipe the surface of the glass with the damp cotton cloth until the residue is removed. For smaller jewelry, small dips and crevices, I would recommend using a Q-Tip.

To care for the silver: If your silver has tarnished or oxidized over time, as it may from regular wear and body oil, especially if it is a bracelet where both glass or gemstones and silver are combined, use a soft cloth designed especially for polishing silver. I am now offering these 4 layer cloths in my etsy store HERE.


For polishing the silver only, using the white layer of this polishing cloth, gently rub the silver until the tarnish is removed. You should begin to instantly see tarnish removal, restoring the piece back to its original shine. Remember, you specifically want to use the white sheets on the inside of this cloth.

Caring for your gold jewelry: First make sure that you only polish real solid gold! Gold vermeil, Gold Filled and Gold Plated Jewelry CANNOT be polished using this cloth or any cloth! Why? Because the gold coating will just be removed while polishing.
I offer a select amount of jewelry in my shop with solid 14 karat gold chains and findings and a few bracelets and its just as important to be able to care for those in addition to your silver! First, please keep in mind that gold is harder to polish than silver which is much softer. For this reason, it is important to care for your gold just as much as you would for your silver jewelry. You can also use the polishing cloth to remove any tarnish or oil residue but you want to only use the blue sheets for gold.
Gently polish any oil or residue away using only the blue sides of the cloth. The white sides may be too harsh for your gold jewelry. For any tiny, hard to reach places, simply use a dry Q-Tip and wipe softly.
Remember, the best way to keep your jewelry for a long long time, is to keep it clean and stored when not in use. For Proper Jewelry Storage Tips, please check out this post!

Happy Jewelry Care!

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