Monday, November 3, 2014

10 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Did you know that I am a wine lover? Yep, I sure am, and I also have a few friends that are wine lovers too (I hope you girls aren't reading this list and seeing your future X-Mas gifts...wink, wink).


Being that the Holidays are coming up in less than 2 months, I put together this list of some really cool wine themed gift ideas. But these gifts also work for birthdays, weddings and for, well...any occasion really!

So, here are 10 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers:

Let's get right to it!

Gift Idea #1- A bottle of his or her favorite wine wrapped in a tea towel...also makes a great housewarming gift -this one from Poketo is just darling!

Gift Idea #2- Personalized Wine Barrel wine accessories kit- this one can be found on etsy. And its the perfect gift for a newly married couple!

Gift Idea #3- Wine lover earrings. Made from sterling silver, one earring is a bottle of wine with a purple pearl as the grape and the other is a cork screw with an actual tiny cork in it. Made by me and found in my online shop, Aziza Jewelry

Gift idea #4- Wine keeper. This wine dispenser is a great way to keep an expensive bottle of wine tasting fresh after its been opened for more than a few days. Available at:

Gift idea #5- Wine barrel side table. This one is from Uncommon Goods and its the perfect height for a lounge chair or to situate next to a couch. Sip a glass of wine while watching a movie or hanging on the couch with friends.

Gift Idea #6- Outdoor reclaimed wine barrel Adirondack patio chair with wine glass holder! I would love to unwind outside after a long day in this chair with my favorite glass of wine. I love the way the wine has naturally stained the inside of the chair. Purchase it here.

Gift Idea #7- Cheese Slate with Velvet Pad underneath. I love that there is a protective layer underneath so it will not scratch your countertop! Available at:

Gift Idea #8- Wine Chilling Carafe. Keep your wine chilled on the table or outside without diluting it down with ice. Available at:

Gift Idea #9- Wall Mounted Wine Rack with slots for wine glasses from Keo Decor on Etsy. Love the rustic feel of this!

Gift Idea #10- Wine stained serving tray! You can get it here. Its large enough to hold the wine, the glasses, cheese, entire spread!

I hope you enjoyed this list of 10 of my favorite gift ideas for wine lovers. For even more wine themed gift ideas check out my wine lovers board on Pinterest and follow me there. I'm always adding lots of fun new gift ideas and hosting tips/ideas as well.

Have any wine themed gift ideas that want to share with me? I'd love to know if you have ever received a wine related gift that you just loved! Oh, do share!

Until next time...


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