Thursday, May 17, 2012

Successful Jewelry Business??

Lately I've been thinking about business and success. Especially my personal jewelry business success. After all, no-one starts a business with the goal of being mediocre in mind. At least, I didn't.

So, how do you know you are successful in your industry? Can you measure it by the amount of money you've made? By your influence? By the amount of happy customer emails you get?

That's a question you can't exactly define the answer to and have it be a good fit for everyone. For me, I felt a glimpse of success the first time I sold my jewelry at a craft fair and someone walked up to my booth and recognized my work and asked me if I was "Aziza".

How cool is that? I had never met this customer before, in person or online, but she recognized my jewelry from a brick and mortar store it was sold at right here in Brooklyn. And then she bought more of it on the spot at the craft fair! Gosh, that felt good! Really good!

Selling my jewelry at a Craft Show in Brooklyn a few years ago

I don't have a clear definition of success and what that looks like for me yet, but I sure felt successful at that moment. In fact, I felt a little famous :).  I'm not sure I would define my business as a Success with a capital "S" just yet, but I have had a lot of successes along the way and Success is definitely what I'm aiming for!

I'm curious, what do you consider the markings of a successful business or venture? What are some of your own big successes?

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  1. I think the definition of success is dependent on the goals you have for your business. The amount of publicity, sales, money or what ever else you want to achieve. I'm in the state where I don't even dare to define my creative endeavor as a business, and success is not a word I would use to define it. But, with that said, I do feel a sense of accomplishment whenever somebody compliments on my work, or I get a sale.