Friday, April 22, 2016

Mother Daughter Jewelry for Mother's Day 2016

The bond between a mother and daughter is like that of no other, it's solid! And with Mother's Day just 2 weeks away, on May 8th, I personally can't think of a better way to celebrate mom than with jewelry.

So this time around for Mother's Day I've expanded my mother-daughter jewelry collection to include  pieces for mothers and daughters who are both adults, daughters who are younger, new moms and for the mom who is young at heart.

Here is my gold mommy necklace in 14k gold filled

And here are a few mother and daughter necklaces in 14k gold filled

And for the rose gold lovers, a sterling silver and rose gold mother daughter necklace set

A classic sterling silver mommy necklace.

Several new and classic mother and daughter necklaces in sterling silver

As always, I love your feedback so please comment below and remember you can always contact me via with any special custom request for Mother's Day jewelry. 
Enjoy! and Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's, young and old!


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  1. Sharing outfits, accessories, jewelry is a common thing which is evident in all mother-daughter duos. The daughters after getting wedded leave their maternal homes, but always have full rights on their mother and homes. Exchanging mother and daughter necklaces is a usual task which takes place after marriages of the daughter. At any event or a function, the duo tends to borrow or exchange mother and daughter jewelry from each other, either for the event or get the ownership transferred in their name informally.