Sunday, September 6, 2015

Aziza Jewelry is Back on the East Coast

Last month I made another huge move. If you've been following me for a while, you know that at the end of 2012, I moved from my hometown of Brooklyn, NY to Santa Barbara, CA, a dream I had for the previous 7 years. I moved in search of sun, sand, more inspiration and a more calm, peaceful way of life. After 33 years, city life had begun to take a toll on me, after all. :/ And truthfully I had always felt like more of a small town girl at heart.

Well, this time around I moved from Santa Barbara, California, back to the east coast- to Charleston, South Carolina. Moving from California to South Carolina has been the most hectic move of my life yet, and I've been dealing with a recent accident related injury which occurred just after I moved, which is why I have not really been able to post more frequently. While I originally moved back east to be closer to friends and family, I'm already missing the laid-back-paradise-lush Santa Barbara vibe. But it was also time for change for me and for my business and overall I'm glad to be in my new home near the beach, my inspiration.

While I am still getting set up again and getting settled in, I'm also having a post moving Sale. Some new pieces have been posted within the last few weeks and more will be posted next week. Enter code: WANDERLUST at checkout for 20% off everything in my shop until next Friday September 11th at midnight PST. So, what's new in my shop?  With all of this moving, traveling and exploring, one might call me a modern day gyspy or gypset. I have a few new pieces in my shop including this Gypsy necklace.

This rose gold wanderlust necklace has been in my shop for a while but it is the sentiment of my adult life these days. :) Heck, I'm even thinking of changing my business name from "Aziza Jewelry" to "Gypsy Wanderlust Jewelry" :) It's also available in yellow gold and sterling silver through special request at the moment so if you'd like it custom made in a different metal, just send me a message through etsy or shoot me an email to:

Stay tuned...I'll be posting more new items soon. Have a great weekend and Happy Shopping!

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