Thursday, January 22, 2015

What I'm Most Excited about in 2015

2015 is here and I've already begun a few small changes here at Aziza Jewelry. I know I mentioned this previously, but I'm still working on a rebrand is underway! There are so many things I'm excited about in 2015 but I'll just mention a few here for the sake of time and space.

Part of why I moved to Santa Barbara 2 years ago (I can't even believe I have been here for 2 years already!!) is because I love the beach and wanted to be able to go to the beach year round which wasn't a possibility when I lived in NYC.  I love the overall calm I feel near the water, the smell of the ocean air and the crash of the waves.

We are especially lucky here in Santa Barbara because often times when I visit I am blessed to see dolphins swimming near the shore!


Not only do I love the beach, I really enjoy beach themed everything from drinking glasses, to home decor, clothes, you name it! And of course jewelry- so in 2015, I'm introducing more beach themed jewelry into my brand.

Naturally Santa Barbara is a huge wedding destination and since it is a beach town, I also have quite a few beach wedding themed jewelry pieces in my shop.

I'm also re-introducing my flame work glass pendants back into my shop with lots of new heart necklaces just in time for Valentines Day!

Lately I also have wanderlust. I am itching to travel this year since I didn't travel at all in 2014- although I'm not sure where to or when yet. I am always looking for new places to explore... What about you? Do you have wanderlust? Where are you planning to travel to this year?

Well thats all for now. There's much much more that I'm excited about for the coming year so stay tuned!

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