Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aziza Jewelry was Featured in the Santa Barbara News Press

There are almost too many great things to mention about living in Santa Barbara since I moved here in December...the weather is great, the air is clean, the people are super friendly... but one thing I am particularly excited about is, that I was recently featured in the Santa Barbara News Press!

The Santa Barbara News Press is a local newspaper which covers current events both nationally and internationally, business, sports and lucky for me, it has some fun sections including a "Style" section. Its kind of like this county's version of the LA times.

I still feel like such a newbie (it has only been 3 months since I moved here) but this town has really embraced me and I feel so lucky and blessed! On Presidents Day, February 18th I received a lengthy two-page feature in Santa Barbara's local newspaper. This is especially wonderful news for me because as someone who is new to this area and new to California, I had no idea what the culture here would be like or where to begin getting the word out, so it was especially nice when an editor of the newspaper found me at a recent show where I was exhibiting my wares and reached out to me wanting to feature my jewelry.

The above is just a snapshot of what the article looked like in the Style Section and a small picture of me modeling my jewelry just below the image of the bracelet.

Its been great hearing feedback from many new customers who I have spoken to and new friends who I have met after being featured. In fact, just a week after the feature, I went in to see my new dentist (a seasoned SB News Press Reader) who remarked, "Hey, that was a great article about you in the paper last week" and then he jokingly remarked, "who did you have to pay in order to get that feature?" (I'm still getting used to his sense of humor).

All in all, I'm so thankful and blessed to have gotten that feature and can't wait to see what other wonderful opportunities will occur for me now that I am living in Santa Barbara.

Til next time!

p.s. If you would like a pdf of the full article, please email me at:

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